We kindly ask that you abide by these written rules and the warnings of official persons, out of our mutual interest.

In Krka National Park, visitors are not permitted to bathe outside of clearly marked bathing areas, to dive or fish using a spear gun/harpoon, to recreationally fish without a permit, to hunt, catch, frighten or disturb wild game or other animal species, to pick or damage indigenous plants, to break or damage travertine, to take photographs for commercial purposes without approval, to travel by motor vehicle along roads on which travel is forbidden or limited without approval, to camp or light fires outside of clearly marked areas, to dispose of waste and to pollute springs and watercourses, to move along travertine barriers outside the clearly marked trails and to walk dogs without a leash. Drones or other unmanned aerial equipment are not allowed in Krka National Park.  


Dogs are permitted in the Park when accompanied by their owners. They must be on a leash at all times and during transport (bus and boat), they must have a muzzle. Dogs are not permitted on Visovac Island. They may move freely around the wider area of the Krka monastery, but are not permitted to enter the monastery.