Skradinski buk waterfall can be visited by boat or by hiking and bicycle trail from Skradin.

The transportation of visitors to Skradinski buk waterfall by Krka NP boats is carried out from April to October according to schedule. 

Tourist agencies that want to reserve transportation for their groups of visitors from Skradin to Skradinski buk waterfall and/or vice versa (with a boat exclusively for their group at a designated time) should contact Public Institute of Krka National Park in advance. Other groups of visitors need merely announce their arrival, and they can use the same boats for transportation as other visitors.

All visitors must acquire or purchase their tickets at Krka National Park branch office in Skradin before boarding the boat. Visitors who purchased their tickets online can board the boat directly with their printed ticket or the bar-code on a smart phone. online, na brod mogu s isprintanim ulaznicama ili kodom na pametnom telefonu.

A 3400 m hiking and cycling trail from Skradin Bridge to Skradinski buk waterfall is available. Visitors who decide to hike or ride along the trail can purchase their tickets at the reception at Skradin Bridge.

Boat transportation schedule Skradin – Skradinski buk waterfall – Skradin

For more information, please contact the Public Institute of Krka National Park branch office in Skradin. Info phone: +385 (0) 22 201-745.

This is the main road entrance to Krka National Park for tourist buses and individual visitors.

Throughout the year, free parking is available for individual visitors and organized groups arriving in tourist buses. April – November, transport is organized for individual visitors to Skradinski buk waterfall and back on Krka NP buses. In the winter period, visitors are permitted to enter with their vehicles.

Buses of tourist agencies are permitted to transport their groups to the Park. Visitors who wish to enjoy nature and hiking can reach Skradinski buk waterfall by taking the hiking trail 875 meters long leading from Lozovac entrance to the site.

Autobusi turističkih agencija sami vrše prijevoz svojih grupa. Ljubitelji prirode i hodanja, od ulaza Lozovac do Skradinskog buka mogu pješačkom stazom dugom 875 m. 

Roški slap waterfall can be reached by road from Drniš, Knin and Skradin, or by the Krka NP excursion boats departing from Skradinski buk waterfall.

The natural beauty and contents of Roški slap waterfall can be viewed year round. 

Entrance tickets for Krka National Park, boat excursion tickets for the Krka monastery, and boat excursion tickets for Visovac Island are available at the entrance/reception at Roški slap waterfall.

Boat excursions from Roški slap to Krka monastery and boat excursions from Roški slap to Visovac Island, are organized daily from April to October.

The archaeological site of Burnum is located within the Krka National Park, above the canyon, waterfalls, and lakes of the river, in an area of exceptional beauty and natural features.

The parts of Roman Burnum that can be seen at the site in Ivoševci include the remains of the only preserved Roman military amphitheatre in Croatia, the arcades of the command building in the military camp, and several walls of the military drilling area

The archaeological artefacts dug up from this locality (weapons, tools, daily use items) are on display at the Burnum Archaeological Collection in Krka Eco Campus in Puljane.

Burnum can only be reached by road. The locality and archaeological collection are open for visitors during the whole year. Tours guided by an informant include a visit to the amphitheatre and military camp. Reservations are necessary for group visits.

For more information or to make a reservation, please contact us at e-mail: or by telephone at +385 22 201 777, +385 22 662 356.

Krka monastery can be visited by an organized boat excursion from Roški slap waterfall.

Krka monastery can be visited by an organized boat excursion Roški slap waterfall – Krka monastery – medieval fortresses Nečven and Trošenj, in the period of two and a half hours, from April to October. The Krka monastery is also accessible by car or by bus excursion from Kistanje throughout the year. From Kistanje follow the signs for the Krka monastery and go down by serpentine roads to the monastery, where parking lot is available.

From the Krka monastery you can go for a half-hour tour of the educational footpath through the original nature.