Representatives of travel agencies and the media visited the Krka Eco Campus in Puljane

As part of the implementation of the EU project The Unknown Krka: the Hidden Treasures of the Upper and Middle Courses of the Krka River, KK., the Krka Eco Campus at Puljane was visited by our partners, the representatives of travel agencies and the media.

They were presented with information about tour possibilities, the types of tickets, and the varied content and presentation methods. The campus is intended for children, students, researchers, and volunteers, i.e. for all those who want to learn in more detail about the rich natural, cultural, and historical heritage of the Krka National Park.

After it was opened in the spring, the Krka Eco Campus has operated in accordance with its primary purpose – the education and reception of individuals and groups of children, researchers, and volunteers. Children are in the first place for an excellent reason: most of the campus content is adapted to them, with lessons in nature. The volunteers are also considered: the long-term interest in this type of activity has resulted in the necessary accommodation facilities, so that four volunteer programs have already been launched. A modern laboratory and restoration workshop have been fully equipped for researchers, scientists, and students.

The complex consists of the Archaeological Collection, which exhibits objects found in excavations in the area of the Roman military camp of Burnum, the Natural History Collection, which presents the rich natural heritage of the protected area of the Park, the Nature Laboratory, an educational center for elementary school children, the Nature School (amphitheatre), an open-air educational space, the Volunteer Center, a research center with hostel-type accommodation facilities and laboratories for researchers, and a Conference Hall with a capacity of one hundred and twenty seats, equipped with audiovisual equipment. The Krka Eco Campus can be visited accompanied by employees throughout the year or independently with the help of a map of the facilities. The main presentation and information elements in the campus area are connected by circular footpaths that contain information boards about the floral and faunal species resident in the Park. At Puljane, tickets can be purchased for Kistanje/Burnum/Puljane or for all sites on land in the Park according to the current price list, while visitors have free parking and sanitary facilities available.