Weather conditions at Krka National Park now available in real time

If you are planning a visit to the park and want to know the current weather conditions, our new weather station will help you create the ideal itinerary

Monitoring and forecasting the weather has always been a preoccupation for humans. Before leaving the house, everyone takes a look outside. Most conversations start or end with the topic of the weather. And many people make their plans based on the weather. From now on, wherever you are, you can make more detailed plans for your trip to Krka National Park thanks to real time weather monitoring.

Automatic weather stations have been installed at Skradinskom buku and at the Eko kampusu „Krka“ in Puljane. Data from these stations, equipped with sensors for measuring temperature, humidity and air pressure, wind speed and direction, precipitation, solar irradiation and the UV index, are shared in real time to the collection centre via a solar-powered communication unit.

This modern and professional weather station enables us to have insight into the current weather conditions in the park. The information they collected is stored in a database, that will enable us to track changes in weather at the monthly and annual levels, and the data can be compared with the average values to determine variations caused by climate change,”said director of the Public Institute of Krka National Park, Nella Slavica. She added,“Using this tool, we will have better insight into the weather phenomena at these microlocations, which is exceptionally important for the local population engaged in agriculture and livestock, and we believe that better tracking of weather and climate in this area will contribute to the most effective management of our resources.“

The increasing need for real time weather data has resulted in a modernisation of measurement methods, and the introduction of automatic measurements. These automated weather stations combine the need for continuous data recording on the basic weather elements, and their transfer into a database. Measurements and observations and the collection and processing of weather data is performed according to strictly defined rules that ensure they are comparable across time and space. The data obtained at these two automatic weather stations in Krka National Park will contribute to more precise measurements of weather conditions, not only at the microlocations, but also within wider zones and broader geographic areas.